Minkspace is a NFT staking platform with mink coin as utility token for create the new step in the evolution of meme coins that collaborates the concept of a meme coin with an NFT art to create an ecosystem where both reinforce each other and interact synergistically.


Exclusive NFT

This is an exclusive NFT art collection consisting of 7777 unique characters in the form of pfp arts with a total limited supply of 7777 NFTs, designed to be collectible and iconic for our community. holders of these exclusive nfts will receive various special functions and benefits, and are a top priority in our project.

How to get started?

It only takes a few easy steps to get started with us.

join our community

Follow our socials media official channel to get news updates and make sure you turn notifications.

get whitelisted

we will announce the details to get the whitelist stay with us.

mint NFT

Our NFT minting will be available to the public soon stay tuned.

stake your nft

You can stake the NFT that you get in the features we provide.

get rewards

The NFT that you stake will generate passive income from mink coins which can be claimed at any time.


Minkspace aims to bring a breath of fresh momment to the meme coin and nft ecosystem, Webelieve that clarity and ease of use will drive widespread adoption in the future, thus creating a sustainable ecosystem. By integrating NFTs and meme coin with this system we aim to increase the intrinsic value of both NFTs and meme coins, making them not only collectible assets, but also assets that can provide significant economic value benefits to their holders in the long term.



Total supply :

Airdrop 5.00%
Marketing & Partner10.00%
Token Sale30.00%
Staking Pool40%


Phase 1

  • Concept and whitepaper created
  • Official website launch
  • Official telegram channel created
  • Telegram community opened
  • Airdrop campaign
  • Public mint for Space cards nft
  • Staking feature opened

Phase 2

  • Mink coin presale started
  • Mink coin liquidity pool added (dex)
  • Global exchange listing (cex)
  • airdrop distribution

Phase 3

  • Mink coin listing on cmc & cgc
  • Launchpad for Mink space exclusive nft
  • 50k Mink coin holder reached
  • Mink coin Trending in various media
  • Minkcoin breaks $100M marketcap

Phase 4

  • Mink coin is listed on more than 5 global exchanges
  • 100k Mink coin holder reached
  • 100k followers on x
  • 100k users on telegram
  • Minkcoin breaks $1B marketcap
  • To the moon 🚀🚀🚀


The information in this website is informative and serves as the basic concept or vision and mission of the MINKSPACE project, and is subject to change over time. MINKSPACE reserves the right to make adjustments without prior notice.